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Every top influencer in the cannabis space works with us for a reason, and you should too. Most other brands don't promote daily online. This means less recognizability in store and lower sell through rates. Meet our team and see why Bay Smokes Distro offers the winning choice.

2 million Subscribers

Khan Kush | Erick

Khan Kush is a boutique selection of super premium strains of THCa Flower. Erick Khan promotes his line on a daily basis to his 2 million followers. Ask your rep about store pop-up events.

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1.5 Million Subscribers

Only Gas | Goblin

Full product suite of THCa Flower, Rosin, and vape. Only Gas by Goblin 420 is a top THCa brand standing alone. Goblin is one of the top Youtube influencers for cannabis and promotes daily. Ask your rep about store pop-up events.

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4 Million Followers

B Lou's Sticky Glue

B Lou has taken hold of the live streaming scene for the past 5 years and now has launched Sticky Glue. The highest quality THCa flower, grown by Bay Smokes. Sticky glue gets 10s of millions of impressions weekly across B Lou and his network of streamers.

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1 Million Followers

Hella Slumped

Our collab with Mr THC features exotic live rosin edibles such as mexican candy, THC syrup, and plenty of super exotic THCa flower and Live Rosin products. Ask your rep about store pop-up events.

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2 Million Followers

Yodie Land | Fulcrum

Rising to viral levels in only the last 2 years, Fulcrum launched Yodie Land Pack with Bay Smokes. Yodie Land Penjamins are top sellers as they are referenced constantly on Fulcrum's channel and go viral all over Instagram and TikTok.

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